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Interested in becoming a Liturgical Minister?

The Didde Center is always looking for people to help serve at the Celebration of the Eucharist. You can volunteer for various liturgical or music ministry positions! Becoming trained in several positions is easy to do and helpful to the Didde Staff.

Usher/Hospitality Minister

Ushers greet people before Mass, help with the Offertory Collection, bring up the Gifts of bread and wine, hand out bulletins after Mass, and help keep the chapel tidy and organized. Read our guidelines here.


At Sunday Masses, there are two lectors. One reads the first reading, the second lector reads the second reading and the petitions. At daily Mass, there is one lector who reads the first reading and the Responsorial Psalm. Note: Liturgical Ministers are only scheduled for Sunday Masses. Volunteers serve at daily Mass. Read our guidelines here.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

These minsters help the priest distribute the Host and the Precious Blood during Communion. Read our guidelines here.

Altar Server

An altar server helps the priest during the entire Mass. His duties include (but are not limited to) carrying the cross during the entrance procession, holding the Roman Missal for the priest to read from, preparing the altar, and ringing the bells during Consecration. Because this ministry is particularly associated with the priesthood, it is presently restricted to males only. Read our guidelines here.


This person’s duty is actually performed before Mass. He or she prepares for Mass by opening the Lectionary to the correct readings, assembling the items used for the Mass, turning on the sound system, and lighting the candles. Read our guidelines here.


This person helps lead the congregation in song. He or she sings the songs, the Responsorial Psalm, and any responses that are sung. He or she also works closely with the pianist, practicing before Mass, or another time outside of Mass to prepare.


This person works closely with the cantor, accompanying the songs. He or she practices with the cantor outside of Mass.

*If you have other musical abilities and would like to volunteer, please let us know.