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We are always in need of more students as Liturgical Ministers. Please consider finding a ministry you enjoy and being involved at Didde.

Liturgical ministry is a great way to meet other students and be involved with campus ministry. It's also a wonderful way to learn here on campus and give back as a member of your future parish.

There will be scheduled trainings for the different ministries, starting with Eucharistic Ministers on August 27th and 28th from 6-7pm. Sign up is in the gathering space, as well as by appointment with Father. Feel free to contact an Outreach Minister, Vickie, or Father Matt to schedule a training.

Thank you.

Register and become a part of the Didde Catholic Campus Center Community



Hello! School is just around the corner and we are in need of your help with our Liturgical Ministry!

Please consider joining or continuing your ministry to the Didde Center.

There is an online sign-up available here on the website under the Liturgy heading. As well as a QR code and sign-up in the gathering space at Didde.

Thank you!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Overland Park, KS where my family belonged to Cure of Ars Parish. I'm the oldest of three kids- I have a 32-year-old brother named John, and a soon to be 29-year-old sister named Kelly. I went to Rockhurst High School where I played football and basketball, and then I went to KU for college. At KU, I was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and majored in history. I eventually became pretty active at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center at KU.

After graduation, I worked for two years, spending one year working at the St. Lawrence Center and another year teaching sophomore world history and helping to coach football and basketball at St. Pius X High School in North Kansas City. I then went to seminary at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis for six years and was ordained in May of 2015. I spent the past four years serving as associate pastor of St. Michael the Archangel parish in Leawood, KS and as chaplain of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park.

What are you most looking forward to during your time at Didde?

I wouldn't be a priest today if it wasn't for the solid campus ministry I encountered at St. Lawrence, and so working in college ministry is something I've wanted to do since I was ordained. I'm looking forward to all of campus ministry in general. I know that is a lame answer and not very specific, but it is true, I'm very excited to be.


Laura, what are you doing this summer?

I'm doing an internship program called Spring into Service with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I serve in a nursing home where I help with meals, activities, and entertainment.

How did you hear about this opportunity?

When I went to the FOCUS SEEK conference, I was booth hopping between all the religious orders. I have been discerning the religious life, so I was learning about different orders. The Little Sisters of the Poor had a booth. I'm in nursing school at ESU, and I enjoy working with the elderly, so this sounded perfect.

Why did you decide to use your summer in this way?

I started discerning the religious life in October. This opportunity seemed like a good fit. I'm a CNA and the last several summers I've been working at a nursing home, so I would be doing the same thing anyway! This opportunity lets me learn about the religious life, and I still get paid for the internship.

What have you learned?

I haven't had much interaction with sisters before this. I have loved meeting them and seeing what the religious life is like. I love seeing how all the sisters are different and unique. They are normal like you and me.

What is your favorite part?

All of it!

One thing I found very, very beautiful, though, is how they treat the dying here. When someone is nearing death, all the sisters and volunteers come together and make a schedule so that the dying person will be accompanied 24/7 until they pass away. They're never alone.


*Photo captions: Top photo, Laura visits the beach with the sisters. She is in the back row, third from the right. Bottom photo, A statue of Jesus and Mary caring for an elderly person. This statue is in one of the Little Sisters' chapels in New Jersey.

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Daylynn, what are you doing this summer?

This year I am working at Summer Projects which is a spin off of a FOCUS mission trip. I work 40 hours a week at the YMCA in the Colorado Rockies, doing whatever the YMCA needs. We have Mass and adoration every day, and I receive spiritual direction and other faith formation.

How did you hear about this opportunity?

I heard through one of the FOCUS missionaries and Justin (a student who just graduated). I also had a friend who went here last year.

Why did you decide to use your summer in this way?

Emily Albert (a FOCUS missionary at ESU the past two years) showed me what it was like to disciple others and lead Bible studies. I wanted to learn how to do that and teach others when I go back to ESU.

What have you learned?

Where do I start? I've learned surrendering to the Lord and allowing Him to fill you up is the most important thing if you want to grow. I've also learned that vulnerability and availability is important to cultivating relationships in community.

What is your favorite part? 

My favorite part is learning how to balance a 40-hour work week with faith and friendships. It is a good stepping stone to the next phase in my life.

The hiking is pretty awesome, too!

*Photo caption: Daylynn (in the orange shirt) poses with a friend in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

< Summer of Service: Justin Summer of Service: Laura >

Justin, what are you doing this summer?

I just got back from FOCUS New Staff training in Bismark, ND. It was for 5 weeks. Now I am fundraising my salary.

How did you hear about this opportunity?

I heard about serving as a FOCUS missionary from the missionaries here on campus. It started with Asaph. I met him when I was lost and spiritually didn't know who I was. Asaph invited me into a Bible Study and into a fellowship. Then Didde's Awakening Retreat sparked a fire in my belly that is still burning. I was then able to make an impact as a student by leading my own Bible Study.

Why did you decide to use your summer in this way?

Those experiences with Asaph, Awakening, and leading others inspired me to make the radical decision to be a missionary and fundraise my own salary and rely on others. I graduated with my degree in recreation but I decided to pursue missionary work because giving the love of Jesus is so important.

What have you learned?

I've learned what it means to be a missionary. I've learned about human formation and the importance and weight of character. I need to be a good human being because students will model my way of life. I have to pay attention to what I consume (food or entertainment) because it all affects my soul. What am I filling my time with? Prayer or crappy television and sports? I've learned the importance of prudence and temperance and living a balanced life. I watch more sports than I should, but I can still watch sports. I just have to find the happy medium within everything I do.

I've also learned the importance of having fellowship with other men. You're not going to thrive well if you don't. Men rely on each other.

What is your favorite part?

Fundraising my salary.

I never thought that it would be something I would particularly enjoy. I have to call random people, some whom I don't know. But going into someone's home and sharing what the Lord has done for me, sharing my testimony- it's so powerful.

Fundraising my salary has also made me radically trust in the Lord and my fundraising is evidence that He does provide. If I hold up my end of the deal by calling and meeting with people, He will provide.

And I like people, so it doesn't really bother me. I just got to get them to meet with me.


If you would like to donate to Justin please click here. You will be redirected to the FOCUS website donation portal.



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Click below for more information soon about Father Nick's 100 mile bike race this June... including some great training footage, updates about race day, and how to support Father Nick in the race!


Read all about the Dirty Kanza here:

Today is the memorial of St. Damien de Veuster, missionary to the leper colony of Molokai in the 19th century.

Father Damien was renowned for his charity to the lepers of Molokai, eventually dying of the disease. However, after his death, rumors circulated about his habits and vices that contradicted his reputation of great sanctity.

One such accusation, written by a Presbyterian clergyman in Hawaii, was published in the Honolulu press. The famous author Robert Louis Stevenson, a resident of the islands, read it and wrote a vigorous response in defense of Father Damien.

The newspapers refused to publish it, so it was eventually released to the public as an Open Letter.

Read the whole thing here.

Hello everyone!

There is now a QR Code that will take you to the Didde Scheduling page for Liturgical Ministry. This will help us keep everyone who is signed up informed of what positions are needed for the upcoming weeks.

The Code is hanging all around Didde and will hopefully be something that students and the community find helpful for finding our page.

Please let the staff know if you have any ideas for how scheduling could be more beneficial.

Thank you for a wonderful year of ministry!

-DCCC Staff

Please enjoy this beautiful homily given by St. Josemaría Escrivá, at the University of Navarre in Spain, which captures the spirit of St. Joseph the Worker.


On Sunday, May 5th starting at 7pm is the Finals Feast! Due to a surplus, the feast will consist of pasta instead of flapjacks. Come carbo load so you can have the energy to make it through finals week!

We are in need of ministers to sign-up for the month of May. Schedules can be found under the Liturgy heading at the top of the webpage. As students leave in early May, please fulfill any ministry you can.

Thank you!

Come join us Friday, April 26th at 6pm for our Mamma Mia Movie Marathon! We will be showing the movies in the Didde basement so make sure to bring your favorite movie-watching pillows, blankets, and snacks!

In appreciation for your generous gift of time and talent to the Missions of the Didde Catholic Campus Center, Fr. Nick and the Didde staff would like to invite you to the the


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on

Sunday, April 28 following the

10:00 a.m. Graduation Mass


Dinner will immediately follow in the Social Hall

Please RSVP

To the Didde Catholic Campus Center

620-343-6765 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We would like to say thank you to everyone who donated and helped with the Sleep In A Box fundraiser. Your efforts made the weekend a success. 

The final amount raised during our fundraiser totals $2,158.82. The money will be matched 2-1 for the local Emporia Rescue Mission.



Come to the Didde center on Friday night to join us in watching The Passion Of The Christ! The movie will take place at 7pm in the Didde basement. It is a great way to remember why we celebrate the week leading to Easter Sunday!

This capital campaign of the Archdiocese will serve as a powerful sign of our unity as Catholics, our strength as a family of faith, and our desire to leave a strong and holy Church for future generations of disciples.  The Didde Center is being called upon to participate in this campaign,  Our contribution will be significant.

This landmark initiative will be conducted in all parishes and community chapels across the Archdiocese with the intention of igniting a new spirit for sharing our faith with others in northeast Kansas.  Please plan to attend St. Teresa Chapel Community Reception in the basement lounge after Palm Sunday Mass on April 14.  We look forward to seeing you there!




Come join us the weekend of April 12th-14th for our Sleep in a Box Fundraiser! This event helps to raise money for the Local Emporia Rescue Mission. We will have students out on the front lawn of the Didde Center to help raise awareness. Come with some cardboard to build your own box to sleep in!

If you have any questions, please contact us:

(620) 343-6765

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello Everyone!

This weekend we are kicking off our Brew Box campaign!

Come to Didde Saturday morning at 10am after the first Saturday Latin Mass!

This will be for an introduction to the system and training for any volunteers.


Monday, April 8th from 7-10am we will be serving free coffee at the center, inviting people inside for one of the best cups of Joe in the world!


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